About the Journal

APPS - Academic Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages is an academic journal aimed at the publication of double-blind peer-reviewed scientific papers, studies, reports and reviews from the spheres of applied linguistics as an interdiciplinary field, applied languages and language teaching methodologies. One of the priorities of the editorial team is to publish high quality papers. To that purpose, authors, reviewers and the whole editorial team are expected to fully adhere to the policy regarding publication ethics and malpractice, and respect the following statements:


  • All the papers, studies, reports and reviews must be original and adhere to a high scientific and technical standard.
  • The corresponding authors declare that the manuscript is original and that they have taken all the necessary steps to avoid breach of copyright. The plagiarism is against the principles and rules of APPS. The authors guarantee that the submitted paper is not proposed at the same time for publishing to another journal and that the presented results are based on real data achieved by objective methods application.
  • The authors must declare the financial support of the research (if relevant) and their professional affiliation.
  • Published articles must have the relevant list of references.
  • The authors must cooperate with the reviewers and implement their corrections and proposals in the best possible way.


  • Papers, studies, reports and reviews submitted for possible publication are subjected to a double-blind peer review process.
  • Invited reviewers are expected to objectively evaluate papers and inform the editorial team about the results. Personal criticism of the author is inappropriate.
  • Reviewers treat all content of the whole review process confidentially.
  • Reviewers should have no conflict of interest with respect to the authors or reviewed articles.
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable; any suspicion of plagiarism will be investigated by the editorial team.
  • If the editors of APPS want to publish in the Journal,the process of double-blind peer review must be handled independently of the author.


  • The editors make efforts to meet the needs of readers and authors, they constantly improve the APPS and ensure the quality of the material they publish.
  • The editors have complete responsibility and authority to accept or reject an article on the basis of objective and clear academic criteria (such as originality, importance, clarity, etc.).
  • The editors cannot have any conflict of interest with respect to articles they accept or reject.
  • The editors must publish submission and acceptance dates for articles on the APPS website.
  • Editors control implementation of the proposed corrections into the texts or retractions by the authors if the reviewers proposed them in the review process.
  • During the review process, the editors preserve anonymity of reviewers and ensure that papers remain confidential.
  • Editors monitor and safeguard all issues of publishing ethics and promptly communicate with authors, reviewers and readers in cases of possible errors in publishing of the texts. They monitor and check any suspected misconducts (authorship complaints, plagiarism, fabrication of data, research standards violations, research result misappropriations, etc.).

Privacy statement

The names, affiliations and email addresses entered in the APPS site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of the Journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

Publication and submission fee

No fees or charges are required from authors for manuscript processing.

Open Access Policy

The journal is freely available online. Authors are required to agree with this open access policy which enables unrestricted access to all published articles.