• Michal Dudiak Technical university in Zvolen, Slovakia


denisty wood, beech wood, sapwood, mature wood, false heartwood


Differences in the density of beech wood in an absolutely dry state in individual zones: sapwood, mature wood, and false heartwood through a cross-section of the trunk are presented in the paper. The wood density of individual zones was determined with a digital density meter. Experimental measurements and subsequent statistical processing of the measured values showed that the density of beech samples with a false heartwood has a decreasing tendency through the cross-section of the trunk from the center of the trunk to the edge. The highest density ρ0 = 703.8 ± 36.1 kg.m-3 was observed in the dry state of beech samples with false heartwood. The density of mature wood in the absolutely dry state was 5.5% less compared to false heartwood, and the density of sapwood was 13.6 % less compared to false heartwood. The proven differences in the density of absolutely dry beech wood in the individual zones do not exceed the natural range of the density values of the beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) mentioned in the professional literature. For the above reason, it is not necessary to take into account the changes in the density of the wood through the cross-section of the trunk in common technical applications. The presented data contribute to the objectification of information about the properties of beech wood and enrich current knowledge.


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