• Aleksandar Doychinov University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria


surface quality, CNC-machining center, cutting mode, CNC shank cutter, MDF, rotation speed, feed rate


The modification in the surface quality of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) workpieces machined in a CNC milling machine is investigated in the paper. The quality of the milling process is affected by the surface roughness. The present work is focused on the influence of the following cutting parameters: rotation speed (n), feed rate (Vf) and radial depth of cut (h) in optimising the milling process and improving the quality of the milling surface. The roughness of the processed surfaces was measured with a roughness tester, type “Surftest SJ-210” (Mitutoyo, Japan). The surface quality is evaluated using the defined average arithmetical values of roughness parameters . The results of the current study showed the following optimal values of the variable factors that ensured the highest quality of the processed surface: rotation n = 18000 min-1, feed rate Vf = 3.5 m.min-1 and radial depth of cut h = 3 mm. Based on the experiments performed, graphical dependencies, presenting the influence of the individual factors on the quality of the processed surface were derived.


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