• Michal Dudiak Technical university in Zvolen
  • Ladislav Dzurenda Technical University in Zvolen


birch wood, saturated water steam, natural aging, wood color, steaming


The differences in color changes of native and steamed birch wood saturated with water steam at a temperature of t = 135 °C for a period of τ = 7.5 hours caused by the long-term exposure of sunlight to the surface of the wood in interiors for 48 months are presented in the paper. The deep brown-red color of the steamed birch wood lightened and acquired a brown shade due to the UV components of sunlight during the 48-month exposure. The degree of lightening of the color of steamed birch wood in the color space CIE L*a*b* is quantified by an increase in the values of the lightness coordinate from L0* = 59.8 to L48* = 66.5 and the yellow color chromatic coordinate from b0* = 19.2 to b48* = 24.0. On the contrary, the light white-brown color of the native birch wood darkened due to the effect of the UV components of sunlight and acquired a brown-pink color with a yellow tint. The degree of darkening and browning is quantified by a decrease in the values on the lightness coordinate from L0* = 81.1 to L48* = 68.2 and an increase in the values on the chromatic coordinates: red color a0* = 7.2 to a48* = 13.1 and yellow color from b0* = 20.0 to b48* = 25.9. The comparison of the color changes of native and steamed birch wood through the total color difference ∆E* under the influence of daily sunlight shows that the surface of steamed wood shows 45.8% smaller changes than native wood. The lower value of the total color difference of steamed wood points to the fact that steaming wood with saturated water steam has a positive effect on color stability and partial resistance to the initiation of photolytic reactions caused by UV + VIS wavelengths of sunlight.



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